HOM 2024 Toolkit


Campaign Toolkit

The housing landscape in America presents unprecedented challenges unlike any seen in previous years or any era in our history. As National Homeownership Month approaches in June, we’re excited to launch the American Property Owners Alliance #OurHousingStory campaign.

While data on rising housing costs paints a concerning picture, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our campaign delves deeper, amplifying the authentic voices and experiences of everyday Americans directly to policymakers. As a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy organization, we’re telling #OurHousingStory and calling for action to tackle rising property taxes, surging home values and the escalating cost of living for a more equitable housing future.

Help Us Amplify the Campaign on Social Media

Our digital toolkit is designed to empower individuals like you to join the conversation and take meaningful action in shaping the future of housing in America. If you haven’t already, share your story here and share the posts and graphics below on your social media channels to amplify the #OurHousingStory campaign!

1. Follow The Alliance on Twitter (X), Facebook and LinkedIn to see the stories others have shared and learn more about pro-housing solutions.

2. Post on your personal or business social media channels by copying and pasting the text below and downloading the images to share with your post. Please feel free to use any combination of the sample text and graphics or share a story directly on your channel using #OurHousingStory.

3. You may, of course, customize the social copy. We just ask that you use the #OurHousingStory hashtag, so others can see and engage with your posts.