2021 – The Year For The Home Buyer And Seller

Read the original article by David H. Stevens at George Mason Mortgage.

In my almost forty years in the real estate and mortgage finance business, there have been a variety of cycles that have impacted housing. From the oil patch crisis in the eighties, the dot com bubble of 2000, to the Great Recession of 2008, and the most incredible year we just completed, homeowners, housing, and mortgage finance have seen its ups and downs.

The truth behind these market changes is that facts and data matter to markets. Housing is different from other goods and services. Yes, housing is about shelter and that makes it a national treasure that Presidents from both parties have highlighted over the many decades past, but it is far more than that. Housing is the single greatest contributor to wealth in America and when you combine that with the proper market conditions, the ability to build long-term, sustainable, intergenerational wealth can be accelerated.

The fact is, and what many don’t realize, home is where the majority of Americans have the greatest wealth…

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