Our Priorities


The American Property Owners Alliance provides resources for owners on the varied and diverse set of issues and policies that affect their interests.  It is the aim of the Alliance to educate and mobilize citizens in understanding, promoting and helping advocate for the rights of all property owners.


Ownership risks & opportunities: how the pandemic is shifting the landscape for property ownership

Federal relief packages: what to know about passed and proposed legislation

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Fair Housing

Reforms to the Fair Housing Act: how the act and proposed amendments affect you

Funding for Testing and Enforcement: programs actively seeking to identify and eliminate illegal practices

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Federal Taxation

Tax Benefits for Property Ownership: up-to-date resources to help property owners translate the shifting deduction/ credit landscape

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Housing Supply and Affordability

GSE Reform: understanding the implications behind the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reforms

VA Loan Program: how to approach a VA loan in today’s market

Federal Mortgage Programs: everything you need to know to protect your investment

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Federal Advocacy: how funding policy for roads, bridges, and power supply affects your bottom line

Broadband: policies that make high-speed internet more readily available across the country