We are

Our Mission

The American Property Owners Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created to protect and support property owners. We believe that ownership of property — homes, land and commercial real estate — is essential to strong communities.

Our mission is to educate property owners about federal issues, laws and policies; advocate for owners’ rights and interests; and mobilize, when necessary, to secure those rights and interests.

We are committed to timely outreach and strategic action that will cultivate and sustain property ownership in communities throughout the country.

Our Focus

Housing Access

A lack of housing supply and affordability challenge Americans unlike ever before. We drive support for long-term solutions that will curb these issues and unlock more access to housing.

Property Rights

Property owners have a say in the decisions impacting their investment. We provide current and aspiring owners with resources to stay informed and a platform to make their voices heard.

Strong Communities

Property taxes paid by owners contribute to local schools, first responders, infrastructure and more. We work to create a favorable tax environment that encourages property ownership and strengthens communities.

Our Impact

The Alliance educates and amplifies the voices of advocates across all 50 states to safeguard and advance property ownership.

32,800+ active advocates uniting to influence the decisions impacting property ownership and create a powerful voice for policymakers to hear.

8,240+ messages sent to members of Congress in support of policies and solutions that will protect property owner interests and promote broader, more equitable access to property ownership.

4 events hosted throughout the country, convening 465 current and prospective property owners to discuss financial education in the home buying process and the value of building wealth through property ownership.


Telling Our Modern Housing Story During National Homeownership Month

Today’s housing market challenges buyers and renters like never before – half of America’s homeowners and renters struggle to afford their housing costs.


Americans face a range of obstacles when it comes to housing. During National Homeownership Month in June, The Alliance is drawing attention to these challenges by telling #OurHousingStory. Together, we can inspire action to make homes and rentals more affordable and strengthen financial stability for more Americans.

Our Thinking

Black History Month Spotlight: The Path to Inclusive Homeownership

A major aspect of securing a more equitable future is unlocking more access to homeownership. To do so, we must advance solutions that will break down barriers and address the racial disparities riddling today’s housing market.

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Financial Education Support Can Improve Black Homeownership Rates

The gap in the Black-white home-ownership rate is the largest it has been in decades. With creative housing policy solutions and assistance programs in place, we can put the wealth building benefits of homeownership within reach for more Americans.

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Addressing America’s Housing Crisis Requires Long-Term Solutions

A shortage of middle-income housing and affordable rentals creates barriers to housing for many Americans. While a range of solutions exist to curb these challenges, some are short-sighted and don’t address the heart of the issue: we need more supply.

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