Telling #OurHousingStory: Join the Conversation

Telling #OurHousing

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The Data Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

As we witness the dynamic evolution of housing in America, it’s clear that today’s landscape presents unprecedented challenges unlike any seen in previous years or any era in our history.

With National Homeownership Month on the horizon this June, we’re thrilled to introduce the American Property Owners Alliance #OurHousingStory campaign.

While data on escalating housing expenses paints a stark picture for homeowners and renters alike, it merely scratches the surface of the true narrative. Our campaign goes beyond statistics, amplifying the authentic voices and experiences of everyday Americans, shedding light on the multifaceted challenges in today’s housing landscape.

New Challenges Demand Innovative Solutions
As a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy organization, we’re on a mission to elevate the voices of everyday Americans directly to policymakers who have the power to address the challenges we face. We’re not just demanding action; we’re catalyzing change.
Rising property taxes, surging home values, and the relentless climb of living expenses present alarming obstacles to achieving financial freedom and preserving the hard-earned equity Americans have built through homeownership.

Lend Your Voice to Tell #OurHousingStory

Join us in the conversation, share your experiences, and become a catalyst for change. Share your story with us using the form below and use our digital toolkit to help others join the conversation and collectively shape the future of housing.

It’s time to tell #OurHousingStory and inspire action that can make homes and rentals more affordable and open the door to financial stability for more Americans.

Below are a few prompts to inspire your story, but we welcome you to share anything that comes to mind when you think about the challenges that you and those in your community face in today’s housing and rental market:

  • ✏️
    What challenges have you faced in finding an affordable home or rental?
  • ✏️
    Share a personal experience or anecdote that illustrates the housing struggles you or your community have encountered.
  • ✏️
    How have rising property taxes, home values, or living expenses affected your ability to achieve financial stability?
  • ✏️
    What message would you like to convey to policymakers and leaders about the urgent need for action on housing affordability?

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About the American Property Owners Alliance

The American Property Owners Alliance (The Alliance) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization created to protect and support property owners and pave the way for future property owners. Our mission is to educate property owners about federal issues, laws and policies; to advocate for owners’ rights and interests; and to mobilize, when necessary, to secure those rights and interests.