National Homeownership Month: Share Your Housing Story

National Homeownership Month:
Share Your Housing Story

At The Alliance, we’re amplifying your housing issues to policymakers to inspire action. Throughout Homeownership Month, help us tell #OurHousingStory and unveil the impact of today’s housing challenges.

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Solutions to Today’s Housing Challenges

We’re advocating for solutions to the most pressing housing challenges Americans face today. See how we’re working to support renters, aspiring home buyers and current owners.

Improving Housing Affordability

The rising cost of living in America is outpacing wage growth at an alarming rate, and housing is the largest expense for many Americans. We’re calling on Congress to back commonsense solutions to build more affordable homes and rentals and curb rising home values that drive up property taxes.

Supporting First-Time Home Buyers

In the face of soaring home prices and a competitive market, first-time home buyers need more support. That’s why we’re urging Congress to support nonpartisan solutions that will bolster financial education, expand assistance for aspiring buyers and improve equitable access to homeownership.

Safeguarding Property Owners

Federal tax policy plays a key role in helping homeowners keep up with rising property taxes. See how we’re supporting policies to safeguard property ownership and expand tax benefits that support homeowners across the country.

#OurHousingStory Spotlight

Half of homeowners and renters struggle to afford their housing costs, but the data fails to tell the whole story. Real stories from renters, buyers and homeowners showcase the need for change – read how today’s housing landscape is impacting Americans across the country.

I’m a 52 year old single mom of 6 kids. I was forced to sell my home during the COVID-19 pandemic for many reasons among which included the outrageously increased property taxes. I am a hard worker and always have been. The rate of the increase in housing costs has been ridiculous. The cost of housing is astronomical and a huge part of our community cannot afford safe housing. We need workable solutions to this housing crisis and we need our legislators to rise up and lead the charge.

— Brenda R., Pennsylvania

I am a single father of 2 school age kids. We live in a one bedroom house because it’s all I can afford. I am a full time factory worker and I’m barely making ends meet… I keep sacrificing bills for rent. I’m getting behind and I am an American tax paying citizen.

— Andrew H., Illinois

I’ve been looking for a one-floor home because of my health problems. It is very hard to find a home with a reasonable price and closing costs are very high… I keep hoping the market will continue to get better so I can find something suitable and not have to stress about the fixed income I am on and what has to be paid every month.

— Mary Lynn T., Pennsylvania

Share Your Story

Throughout Homeownership Month, we’re telling #OurHousingStory to policymakers to shine a light on today’s housing challenges and call for action. Share your story to make your voice heard!

We want to hear from you…
  • What challenges have you faced in finding an affordable home or rental?
  • Share a personal experience that illustrates the housing struggles you have encountered.
  • What would you tell policymakers about the need to address housing affordability?

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