Housing Supply and Affordability: It’s Time for Solutions

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Housing Supply and Affordability: It’s Time for Solutions

Years of underinvestment and underbuilding has left America with a severe housing shortage. Recent factors such as increased demand for homes and rising mortgage rates have escalated the crisis and caused home prices to skyrocket.

Home prices have risen nearly 30% since 2019.

Today, only about 1 million homes remain on the market compared to the roughly 4 million available in 2007.

We must take action to increase the supply of available homes so that all Americans can access a home that meets their needs and their budget. There are policies and programs that can do just that, but decision makers haven’t prioritized them. Together, we can #FinishTheJob.

The American Property Owners Alliance is a group of property owners and industry experts from across the country who are working together to advance federal policies that will drastically increase housing supply and make homes more affordable. Learn about three solutions that we support and how you can help put pressure on Congress to act now to implement them.

Housing Grants

Create a grant program to help pass pro-housing policies at the state and local levels. By removing regulatory barriers, more homes can be built faster.

Tax Credits

Maximize the use of existing properties by creating a tax credit to convert unused or outdated commercial and office buildings into residential and mixed-use spaces.

Rehabilitate Middle-Income Homes

Help create a pathway to sustainable homeownership and neighborhood stability by providing new incentives to build and rehabilitate moderately priced homes – a segment of the market that is sorely lacking.

Act Now to Make Homes More Affordable

Tell Congress to prioritize solutions that will increase access to homeownership and revitalize communities.