Housing Supply and Affordability: It’s Time for Solutions

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Housing Supply and Affordability: It’s Time for Solutions

The escalating cost of living in America is outpacing wage growth at an alarming rate, and housing is the largest expense for American households, comprising 33% of the average household income. Today, one-quarter of Americans say factors preventing them from feeling financially secure include housing affordability, as well as renting instead of owning a home.

Today, only about 1 million homes remain on the market compared to the roughly 4 million available in 2007. At the same time, our country has experienced a decline of about 4.7 million affordable apartments.

Years of underinvestment and underbuilding in housing, along with the rising cost of living, have created significant barriers to housing for many Americans. As the economy takes center stage this election year, about 64% of Americans are deeply concerned about housing costs.


Without a coordinated effort across all levels of government to improve housing supply and affordability, families, communities and the economy will struggle to meet rising home and rental costs, jeopardizing access to the wealth-building and community benefits of homeownership.


Elected officials play a critical role in advancing federal policies to boost housing production, address affordability challenges, and bolster local economies. Be sure you are registered to vote and know where leaders stand on housing issues.


Learn about bipartisan solutions that can create more affordable homes and rentals and urge your representatives to prioritize them.

The American Property Owners Alliance is a group of property owners and industry experts from across the country who are working together to advance federal policies that will drastically increase housing supply and make homes more affordable.


Learn about three bipartisan solutions that we support and how you can help put pressure on Congress to act now to implement them.

Build Affordable Homes and Rentals

Expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit allocations to strengthen local economies and broaden opportunities for public and private investment in the creation of affordable housing – adding about 2 million affordable homes to the market.

Convert Unused Office Buildings

Maximize the use of existing properties by creating a tax credit to convert unused or outdated commercial and office buildings into residential and mixed-use spaces.

Rehabilitate Middle-Income Homes

Help create a pathway to sustainable homeownership and neighborhood stability by providing new incentives to build and rehabilitate moderately priced homes – a segment of the market that is sorely lacking – putting 500,000 family homes on the market in the next decade.

Share Your Story

We know today’s housing market is challenging, as home prices have risen nearly 30% since 2019, and on average, housing comprises 33% of Americans’ household income.

However, the data alone fails to tell the whole story. Now more than ever, we must use our voices to ensure that elected officials and candidates understand how rising housing costs are actually impacting Americans.

If you are struggling to keep up with rising rental costs or find an affordable home that meets your needs, please tell us how today’s challenging market has impacted your financial situation or path to homeownership. We will amplify these real-life stories directly to our nation’s leaders, calling for immediate action to address America’s housing crisis.