Buttigieg On Biden Administration’s Priorities For Transportation Department

Read the original article by Alisa Chang at NPR.

CHANG: OK. Let’s talk a little bit about – more about what you’ll be dealing with when you’re confirmed, if you’re confirmed as transportation secretary. Public transit systems throughout the country have been struggling for years and then even more so during this pandemic because ridership has further declined in many regions. Where do you even start to try to reinvigorate these systems in a post-pandemic world?

BUTTIGIEG: Well, it starts with the president’s rescue package, which identifies $20 billion to support our transit agencies that have taken such a blow. But the reality is just trying to prop them up or get back to pre-COVID levels isn’t really good enough when you consider the need for us to have stronger transit systems. It’s important for safety. It’s important for climate. It’s important for economic growth. And it’s important for equity because we know that in many parts of the country, there are transit deserts, disproportionately in Black, brown and tribal communities that have cut people off from economic opportunity. But again, if we get this right, this is a great example of the kind of investment that really does pay for itself because it unlocks opportunity. It gives people alternatives for how to get around. And it’s going to make our economy and our communities stronger.

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