Coronavirus Resource Directory for Landlords and Tenants

A definitive resource for landlords and renters to find the answers to questions regarding COVID-19, rights and protections, government announcements, and tools.

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How Coronavirus Spreads
The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads relatively easily and quickly. Follow the CDC’s best practices and guidelines to reduce the spread.

Coronavirus Symptoms
Read the CDC’s guide to recognizing symptoms of COVID-19. If you’re feeling sick or think you may have come into contact within someone who is infected, read this guide.

How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus
There are ways to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19. Hint: social distancing really helps.

What To Do If You’re Sick
Read the CDC’s recommendations of what to do if you begin to feel sick. Don’t take a chance, or worse, not take any action. See what the CDC recommends you do next.

Congress Passes Third COVID-19 Federal Relief Package
Get the summary and details of the three phases Congress approved as part of the coronavirus relief package.

Financial Services Committee Responds to FAQs
Members of Congress who make up the Financial Services Committee Respond to frequently asked questions regarding the CARES act. Read the questions and answers here.

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