Infrastructure: Crossing the Bridge to Better

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How do we build the bridge to a more sustainable, equitable future for all property owners? Smart investments in infrastructure today. Click on a subject area below to learn more about infrastructure and what’s needed to cross the bridge to better communities.


Currently, 19 million Americans do not have access to broadband at threshold speeds.1

When communities gain access to high-speed internet, businesses grow, jobs are created, and according to a recent study, property values are 6% higher.2 Return to top.

Waste and Water

Only 37% of the nation’s total water infrastructure capital needs were met with previous funding.3

There is a critical need to maintain and expand systems that deliver clean drinking water to property owners. We must invest in waste and water system improvements now to conserve water and keep communities safe and healthy. Return to top.

Roads and Bridges

More than 40% of our country’s road systems are in poor or mediocre condition, costing drivers over $1,000 every year in wasted time and fuel. 4

Roads play a critical role in the transfer of goods and services that fuel local economies. We must invest in roads and bridges now to support local economies, improve traffic congestion and road safety, and lower transportation costs for property owners. Return to top.

Mass Transit

45% of Americans do not have access to public transportation.5

It is time to invest in expanding access to mass transit so that people can more easily access healthcare, jobs, schools and more. Mass transit also raises property values and improves the quality of neighborhoods. Return to top.

Sign The American Property Owners Alliance petition to Congress urging them to them to support smart infrastructure investment.

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