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Homeownership strengthens families and communities and should be accessible to all.

Add Your Name. Help Improve Access to Homeownership and Increase Housing Inventory.

Decades of underbuilding and underinvestment in housing has created an enormous gap between housing supply and demand that will require a national effort to close.  It’s time for Washington to make a major investment in increasing housing inventory to make homes more affordable.

The American Property Owners Alliance supports solutions that:

  • Incentivize the construction and rehabilitation of homes for low and moderate-income families.
  • Offer incentives to convert unused or underutilized commercial properties into residential units
  • Provide funding for state and local government to enact pro-housing policies at the local level

Sign the petition to Congress asking them to support critical housing solutions.

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I call on my Members of Congress to support solutions that will improve access to homeownership and increase housing inventory.

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