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The Challenge We Face
The rapid rise in cost of living remains a top concern for voters this year, as housing is the largest expense for many American households. Home prices have risen nearly 30% since 2019, and on average, housing comprises 33% of Americans’ household income.

Renters are also struggling to find affordable units. Since 2020, the median rental cost has increased by about 18%, making it more difficult for aspiring homeowners to save for a down-payment.

The federal government plays a central role in advancing policies that will increase housing production and address affordability challenges we need them to understand.
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Share Your Story

Housing cost data is alarming but fails to tell the whole story. It is crucial that elected officials and candidates understand how rising housing costs are actually impacting Americans. We are gathering stories to demonstrate the widespread impact to elected officials and hold them accountable to take action.

If you are struggling to keep up with rising rental costs or find an affordable home that meets your needs, please tell us how today’s challenging market has impacted you. Here are a few thought starters:

📣 Your savings and financial security
📣 Your ability to purchase a home
📣 Your capacity to afford other necessities

We will amplify real-life stories directly to our nation’s leaders, calling for immediate action to address America’s housing crisis. Your voice can make a difference in housing affordability for years to come.

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