3 Property Rights Worth Protecting

Property ownership is an investment worth protecting. The constant flow of news makes it hard to stay up to date on the important policies and decisions that impact this investment. The American Property Owners Alliance is here to help.

The Alliance cares about the unique challenges current and aspiring property owners face and works to safeguard their interests by protecting the following rights.

Right to Improve Property

Owning property gives you the opportunity to design and decorate your space any way you like. The Alliance believes a property owner has the right to alter property, so long as you respect your neighbors, bring no harm to others and abide by the law. In keeping with local business codes, you have the right to use the floor plan, measurements, design tools and contractors of your choosing.

The Alliance recently advocated for property owners in a ruling jeopardizing their right to use their home’s floor plan to complete necessary repairs or that dream remodel they worked so hard for. This is just one of the ways in which The Alliance advocates for property owners’ rights.

Right to Pay Fair Share in Taxes

Taxes are meant to benefit property owners because they support a range of community benefits—from supporting local infrastructure to making communities safer. Tax incentives also make property ownership more accessible and sustainable through mortgage interest deductions and state and local property tax deductions that make owning a home more affordable.

Tax incentives for homeowners have been chipped away in recent years, which means the tax burden on property owners has grown. The Alliance believes property owners are valuable to communities and the country and have the right to pay their fair share in taxes. We’re advocating to restore tax incentives for property owners in order to protect current and aspiring owners, and to ensure communities continue to reap the benefits of property ownership.

Right to be Informed

Americans have the right to be informed of policy changes impacting their investment or access to property ownership. This way, property owners can raise their collective voice and have a say in these decisions. The Alliance is committed to helping you do both.

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About the American Property Owners Alliance
The American Property Owners Alliance is an ally to property owners and works to advance public policies that support ownership throughout the United States. We serve as a trusted resource for property owners by providing timely, accurate information to help them safeguard their interests. We believe that the dream of homeownership is worth protecting. If you agree, we encourage you to add your name to our petition.