A Proclamation on National Homeownership Month, 2022

For many Americans, a home is more than just a residence. It is a place that instills a sense of pride, security, and comfort that, no matter what challenges in life arise, they have somewhere to go and call their own. Whether owning or renting, a home is where we can live with dignity and watch our families grow. During National Homeownership Month, we recognize the importance of housing and reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that everyone has a place to call home.

Homeownership is a major source of generational wealth for many Americans — it is a central part of the American dream. But for too many Americans — especially Black and Brown Americans — homeownership and the opportunity to build and pass down wealth through it are unattainable. Longstanding inequities in the housing system, from disinvestment to redlining and mis-valuation of homes in communities of color, have locked out entire generations from the American dream and the opportunity to build generational wealth. Housing also opens up opportunities that are tied to where one lives, and it is our shared responsibility to ensure that everyone has equitable access to those opportunities — from education and stable employment to quality health care and healthy food.

As we mark National Homeownership Month, we recognize the importance of housing for all Americans. Whether owning, renting, or aspiring to do either, we renew our commitment to lowering costs and expanding access to safe, affordable homes that all Americans need and deserve. Together, we can ensure that every American has a safe place to call home.

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