Fair Housing Month Feature: Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

Fair Housing Month Feature: Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

The American Property Owners Alliance (The Alliance) is deeply committed to improving fair housing protections to make property ownership accessible for all Americans. We know that a critical step to achieve equity in homeownership is to support organizations and advocates who are dedicated to protecting fair housing rights and expanding opportunity.

Meet Amy Nelson, the Executive Director of Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI), a nonprofit fair housing organization that works to create equal housing opportunities in Central Indiana by eliminating housing discrimination through advocacy, enforcement, education and outreach. The FHCCI was established through a U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development grant awarded to the National Fair Housing Alliance to establish a fair housing agency in central Indiana. FHCCI Executive Director, Amy Nelson explains the impact of where you live on your life, why equitable access to housing is critical, and the role we all play in fighting housing discrimination and creating equal housing opportunities.

Why is equitable access to housing so important?

Amy: We can so often track where we live as the basis for so much in our lives. We see this in formerly redlined neighborhoods having higher rates of asthma and diabetes. How here in my city we have a staggering 17-year life expectancy rate difference simply due to where one lives[1].

“It’s families suffering in substandard housing due to affordability barriers. It’s the growing number of studies showing us that with one’s zip code, researchers can predict if your child will finish high school, what their income will be, or whether they will be incarcerated. It’s children moving from school to school due to their family just being served an eviction, even if no fault of their own, and facing screening barriers. All based on where we live. Housing is critical.”
What are common obstacles and discrimination that people face when trying to rent or buy a home?

Amy: FHCCI specifically investigates allegations of housing discrimination received from the public as well as conducting systemic investigations. Unfortunately, housing discrimination happens far too often. Whether it is a recent client being sexually harassed by their landlord, or a lender refusing to make loans to a black family, or a mom with three kids being told she has too many kids for a two bedroom, or a recent client who had to “White wash” her home to get a fair appraisal for a refinance, housing discrimination is far too commonplace.

How does your organization help individuals and families overcome the barriers to housing access to increase equity in housing?

Amy: We have four main programs working toward our mission: Advocacy, Education, Inclusive Communities, and Public Policy. Through our Advocacy Program, we file enforcement actions to address violations of fair housing law. Our Education Program actively works to share information so everyone understands their rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws. Our Inclusive Communities Program gives back to the community and to those harmed by discriminatory practices. And finally, in our Public Policy Program, we work to advance strong housing laws with particular attention to fighting for those most at risk of housing loss and harm. Just this month, we released a new video through our Education Program, History of Real Estate Sales Discrimination in Indianapolis that we premiered at our annual Fair Housing Conference last week. This is a companion to last year’s History of Redlining video.

What does the future of fair housing look like?


Amy: Truly achieving fair housing requires the full attention and support of the federal government, the courts, and all of us. Fair housing laws have never had funding or the strength of will to truly address our nation’s history of discriminatory practices that still impact our neighborhoods and our country today. I remain hopeful we can achieve the vision of fair housing laws that allows each person to have equal housing opportunity. We need to demand such of our leaders and keep a focus on housing.

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