NAR Launches New “Fairness is Worth Fighting For” Campaign

A sad truth? Too many people are denied access to the future that properties can make possible. That’s the driver behind the National Association of REALTORS’ (NAR) newly launched “Fairness is Worth Fighting For” consumer advertising campaign – aimed to make fair housing a reality for all. 

NAR’s Commitment to Change 

NAR has a deeply rooted commitment to establish codes that set a higher standard for fairness in housing than any other federal law. Since 1997 NAR has funded “That’s Who We R,” a 22 year-long campaign designed to raise awareness and drive government legislation modifications. 

The fair housing campaign is packed with persuasive video, digital, and social media materials that are designed for the public to spread awareness and bring the “fight for fair” into their own lives. 

“Together we’ll hold each other accountable until the fight for fair is won. Because this ad won’t end discrimination in real estate. People will.”

At the beginning of the year, NAR released a Fair Housing Action Plan designed to ensure that all 1.4 million REALTORS® are protecting housing rights in their own neighborhoods. The Action Plan commits NAR to:

  • Work closely with State Association Executives to ensure that state licensing laws include effective fair-housing training requirements and hold real estate agents accountable to their fair housing obligations;
  • Launch a Public-Service Announcement Campaign that reaffirm NAR’s commitment to fair housing, and how consumers can report problems;
  • Integrate fair housing into all REALTOR® conferences and engagements (to include a fair housing  theme throughout the May Midyear Meeting;
  • Explore the creation of a voluntary self-testing program, in partnership with a fair housing organization, as a resource for brokers and others who want confidential reports on agent practices so they can address problems;
  • Create more robust fair housing education, including unconscious-bias training, and education on how the actions of REALTORS® shape communities.
  • Conduct a national study to determine what factors motivate discrimination in sales market
  • Profile leaders who exemplify the best fair housing practices and workplace diversity
  • Develop materials to help REALTORS® provide consumers with information on schools that avoids fair housing pitfalls.

These Fair Housing efforts demonstrate the value and service that REALTORS® bring to their clients and communities in regards to homeownership. 

If you experience or witness discrimination in real estate, we urge you to report it.

Visit Everything you need to know to file a housing discrimination complaint with the HUD if you have any questions.