What Will The Alliance Accomplish in 2023?

The American Property Owners Alliance (The Alliance) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that was founded in 2020 to protect the interests of current and aspiring property owners. Property ownership strengthens our communities, boosts the national economy and remains one of the best tools to build wealth. Our grassroots network advances policies that ensure everyone can reap these benefits.

Last year was marked by incredible progress for The Alliance. From naming new leadership to growing our network of advocates, the successes of 2022 have strengthened our commitment to protecting and improving property ownership in America.

2022 Highlights

Colin Allen was named as The Alliance’s first executive director. With more than 17 years of policy and legislative experience, Colin brings a wealth of knowledge to this role, leading The Alliance in our mission to advance solutions that address the challenges that current and aspiring property owners face. Shortly after his appointment, Colin joined industry experts in Atlanta for Movin’ On Up!: Preserving Affordability, Parity and Progress in Real Estate for Black Americans. There, he moderated a conversation on the policy changes that can improve access to homeownership.

2022 closed with a major push to pass the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act (NHIA), a solution that would create new incentives for builders to develop and renovate family homes. The NHIA would address the severe shortage of middle-income housing to help close the gap in housing supply and strengthen communities throughout the country. The Alliance led a national campaign to empower individuals to unite their voices in support of the NHIA. This campaign resulted in more than 4,000 emails and tweets sent to members of Congress urging them to pass this critical legislation.

While the NHIA did not make it into year-end legislation in 2022, we remain committed to advocating for creative solutions that will address America’s growing housing supply and affordability crisis.

2023 Commitments

As we begin this new year, we’re building on the momentum of 2022 to influence policy changes that will protect property ownership across the U.S.

In 2023, we’re focused on growing our network of advocates and supporting creative solutions that will address America’s housing supply and affordability crisis, restore homeowner tax incentives, improve fair housing protections, and back smart infrastructure investments. Think: modernizing zoning to create more middle-income housing and converting unused office buildings into residential and mixed-use spaces.

We understand that different solutions may more effectively solve housing challenges in different areas of the country. That’s why we are facilitating discussions around these solutions, to explore which opportunities will not only increase the supply of available homes, but also ensure Americans can access and sustain housing that meets their needs and budget.

What’s more, The Alliance will continue to keep current and prospective owners informed on the policy decisions and news impacting their investment.

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