Executive Director Newsletter Q2 2024

Mortgage and rent costs continue to climb – in fact, nearly 1 in 2 Americans struggle to afford their housing payments each month. We’re advocating for common-sense solutions to curb rising housing costs, while providing you with resources to navigate the current market. Keep reading to see what’s new and how you can help enact change.

New Resources for Buyers

For many first-time home buyers, navigating today’s housing market is a challenge. However, with the right tools and resources, getting the keys to your first home can feel much more manageable. The Alliance developed the First-Time Home Buyer Resource: Part 1 to provide support in the home buying process and we’re excited to announce the release of Part 2, which offers new and additional information to support you at every step of the homebuying process.

See how this guide provides expert insights to help you build the right team and take advantage of the resources available to you throughout homebuying journey.

Advancing Housing Solutions

The escalating cost of living in America is outpacing wage growth at an alarming rate. In fact, one-quarter of Americans say factors preventing them from feeling financially secure include housing affordability, as well as renting instead of owning a home.

The Alliance is working to advance federal policies that are on the table right now to increase housing supply and make homes more affordable. Some commonsense, nonpartisan solutions include converting unused office buildings into residential and mixed-use spaces and rehabilitating middle-income homes.

Learn about the solutions that can create more affordable homes and rentals.

Protecting Property Rights

Supreme Court cases related to property rights can have major implications for property owners nationwide. The Alliance was proud to send an amicus brief in support of a property owner in Texas seeking compensation from the state for flooding and damage to his property caused by the state’s highway construction. In a win for property rights, the Supreme Court ruled that the property owner could pursue compensation from the state government for damages to his property.

See how else we’re working to protect property owners – including in the ongoing fight to end home equity theft.

Gearing Up for National Homeownership Month

During National Homeownership Month in June, we’re launching the #OurHousingStory campaign to amplify real personal stories that shine a light on the impact of rising housing costs across America.

While data on escalating housing expenses paints a stark picture for homeowners and renters alike, it merely scratches the surface of the true narrative. The Alliance encourages you to join the #OurHousingStory conversation and share how rising housing costs are impacting you to help drive meaningful action from lawmakers.

Share your story with us using the form below and use our digital toolkit to help others join the conversation – every story is impactful and can help shape the future of housing.


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